Paracord Survival Carabiner - Compact Tool with Fire Starter, Fishing Kit, First Aid and More

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  • FISH AND TRAP - carabiner survival kit with an iron wire to trap small game. Contains one knife blade and fishing line. As well as two weights, swivels, floats, and fishing hooks for feeding yourself near water.
  • STAY WARM - Hypothermia is the number one killer in wilderness survival situations. Luckily, you will have a flint rod and tinder to ignite a fire and get warm quickly. Also use the foil for extra warmth, cooking food or signaling for help.
  • FIRST AID KIT - Keep hooked on your backpack for an emergency situation. Someday you might need the needle and two safety pins for a splinter. Also includes an alcohol pad to clean a wound or disinfect your tools.
  • BUILD A SHELTER - The 9 foot (2.74m) paracord and carabiner work great to support an emergency shelter. Tested to withstand 531 lb of pull force, so it can easily keep your pack off the wet ground.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - You will not only receive fourteen of the hardest tools to improvise in the wild. But also a lifetime guarantee. So be prepared for the wild and order your carabiner survival kit now!