Keep Calm and Carry On

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This brushed chrome windproof lighter features "Keep Calm and Carry On" the third morale-boosting posters commissioned by the British Government at the beginning of World War II. The poster was to be used upon the invasion of Britain by Germany. As this never happened, the poster was never officially seen by the public.

The Brushed effect of this style of coating give a unique finish with a lovely light reflection of tiny brush strokes

  • Your quality Zippo is presented in a genuine Zippo presentation box
    and is supplied with an original owner's lifetime warranty against mechanical faults
  • This Zippo can be engraved by our professionally trained staff
  • The engraving is 'diamond drag', the traditional method of engraving, which ensures a depth of cut that cannot be achieved by modern 'laser engraving'.Š—çэ’_’�’‘_Ձ’‘’__’_?’‘’_’‘__’‘_?’‘’_’‘_’‘’___’‘’__?’‘’_’‘_’‘’__’‘’_’‘___’‘’__Ղ’‘’¾’‘_’ÇΩ’‘’_’‘__’‘’_’‘__’‘_?’‘’_’‘_’‘’__’‘’_’‘__?_’‘’_’‘_’‘’___’‘_’ǒö’_Î⒑’_’‘’__ A diamond drag engraving won't fade over time.
  • Engraved Zippo lighters are very popular for
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    • Gifts for Usher
    • Gifts for Father of the Bride
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  • This Zippo comes with a Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee against mechanical fault