Firestarter Bracelet Survival Kit

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    Firestarter Bracelet Survival Kit

    • FISH FOR FOOD - Contains a fishing line, two weights, floats, hooks, and swivels. That makes this one small bracelet potentially all you need to maintain a food source in an emergency.
    • BUILD A SHELTER - Includes 12ft (4m) paracord and two safety pins. The paracord is rated at 500 lbs. Having a strong cordage like this is a necessity for building a lean-to or similar shelter.
    • SANITIZE A WOUND - Comes with a small alcohol pad for injuries. If you are in the wilderness and cut yourself, this one small tool can make the difference between survival and infection.
    • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - With our lifetime guarantee, there's no risk for you. And since you never know when you might need these eleven tools, now is the time to your order!