Zippo 540 Colour Designs

Zippo has announced the launch of a brand-new lighter decoration method: 540 Colour.  For the first time, the signature windproof lighter can be completely enveloped by full color graphics with the most intricate and vibrant designs possible.

Zippo has released four new designs, with themes including an antique pirate treasure map, tributes to the brand’s role in music and arts, as well as a dueling-dragon motif. The new lighters join the line-up of thousands of existing Zippo designs, promising that no matter your taste, there is a Zippo lighter for you.  

While printing and production techniques have evolved over almost 90 years since the first Zippo windproof lighter was created, the overall design and mechanism remains the same, proving that great design stands the test of time. All windproof lighters feature the brand’s iconic 3-2-3 chimney, flint wheel and trademarked Zippo “click”. The ubiquitous bottom stamp, used by collectors to trace and document the date and production of their lighter remains as standard.